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Harissa, the Arabic word meaning “break into pieces”, is a fiery chili pepper paste, exploding its way out of Northern Africa, migrating overseas, promoting itself only with its powerful punch of flaming flavor. With 1/4th of the world’s population eating chili peppers daily, the most common spice in the world (following salt), harissa has remained quiescent in the northern region of Africa for centuries, a staple on nearly every dinner table, as popular as ketchup in America. That is, until the past decade or so, where tourists have savored it, become hooked, and desperately searched for where to find the condiment.

Caldo Red Harissa is a ready-to-use, full-bodied, rich paste, made with all natural ingredients.  Our premium peppers are carefully selected for brilliance, sundried and ground fresh, usually piri piri or Serrano peppers.  A meticulous blend of garlic, salt, olive oil and spices completes our authentic and thick paste. Caldo Red Harissa blends are on the cusp of revolutionizing the condiment market.  Once mainstreamed, in regional chains, it will indubitably be an ubiquitous sensation.  We anticipate a flavor explosion blossoming into every pantry across the nation, sending watery ketchups and tabasco’s to the back. Harissa is both a condiment and an ingredient.  Caldo Red Harissa Blends can be used for a fiery kick to any dish:

  • Rub onto meats or vegetables before roasting or grilling.
  • Stir into your sauces, marinara, gravy, soup, stew, broth or marinades.
  • Scoop a spoon into your casseroles, salads, omelets, pastas, rice, couscous, or sandwiches.
  • Combine with mayonnaise, yogurt, hummus, butter, or a little olive oil for bread or dip.
  • Or use as an addition to foods that are just not spicy enough.

A little goes a long way, most dishes require a mere teaspoon. If you want to spice up your life (or just your recipes) Caldo Red’s got your back.  And your heart. Between olive oil and chili peppers, rich in Vitamins A, B’s and C, iron, fiber, magnesium and potassium, harissa may reduce the risk of certain cancers and high blood pressure. Caldo Red Harissa is dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, nut free, sugar free, chemical free, preservative free, kosher, vegetarian and vegan.

A quarter of the world’s population consumes chili peppers, daily. Have you ever tried to find a gourmet harissa blend at your local supermarket, you probably won’t!

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