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Caldo Foods is a distributor of exclusive condiments of imported quality with local prices. Currently harissa blends are only found at specialty spice or kitchen shops. We want to mainstream this rich, fiery alternative to the tired, water-based condiments and sauces. Caldo Red is offering an upscale line of full-bodied red pepper harissa blends we envision retailing at major chain grocery stores, nationwide, by 2023. Our Caldo line will later expand to include additional all-natural sauces, spices, antipastos, and spreads.

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Harissa is a great product that I use to season meat and chicken.
Amira CH

Caldo Red

The heat your tongue has sought the sauce you just have bought!

I love the smoked taste that the Harissa gives to the different dishes especially when making pasta with meat balls (I add Harissa to both the salsa and the meat balls)
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